sitting, waiting, wishing.

The names Alyssa, I go by Ally, I enjoy good books. Photography is my thing. Music is basically my life. I love road trips. I have an obsession with V-Necks. Painting is my hobby. I go to College. I have a habit of falling for people. I think Buddhism is interesting. I love old people. I’d like to be a vegetarian. I work at a Childrens camp and American Eagle. I hate chocolate, but love chocolate milk. I love Buildings & History. Like 99% of tumblr, I love Harry Potter. Dexter is hands down amazing. I like to play me video games. N64. I think people are more beautiful than they realize. I love stargazing. Ireland will be hy home someday. I love books. I have the best of friends. I love my family. I can wiggle my ears. I am waiting for the one person that can make me feel that special way. I have never been on a date. I normally spend my nights with coffee and movies. Addicted to Pinterest The beach is beautiful at night. Taurus. 18. im waiting for something beautiful to happen but until then....

I'm just here, inspire me.


seriously you guys, call this, ITS REAL

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